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Weather in the resort
+27° water 16°

Russia, Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik,
Kabardinka, St. Mira 3.

Booking services:

+7 (86141) 90-500

+7 (495) 935-87-61

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History & Awards


Resort complex "Nadezhda" was built in 1996 by a turkish company, called «GAMA», which has a rich experience in building luxury hotels around the world.

The Hotel’s founding date is the 23rd of July, year 1996.

In 2000 the Hotel has obtained the status of a 5 star - hotel.

The Centre of regenerating medicine and rehabilitation has started its work in May 2002. Today it offers You a wide array of services on diagnostics, general recovery and treatment, standards of which have obtained recognition and appreciation of balneologists, by dint of using the latter-day medical equipment and engaging skilled experts.

In February 2004 the hotel’s name has been altered to «Nadezhda. SPA & Sea Paradise». The amendment has been induced by the fact that the hotel has long surpassed the confines of the scope of services, provided by regular hotels or pensions. Since the 2nd of May 2002 with the starting of the Centre of regenerating medicine and rehabilitation, our hotel became not only a place for resort and business activities, but a foremost sanitary centre.

On the 19th of February, in order to systematize the main directions of the hotel’s activities, a decision was made to introduce some changes to the concept of development of "Nadezhda" as a brand.

As of today, under the general brand "Nadezhda. SPA & Sea Paradise" the resort centre offers 3 different "products" :

  Nadezhda. Paradise - a set of services for vacation.

  Nadezhda. Congress-hotel - a set of services for business.

  Nadezhda. SPA & Medical Centre - a set of sanitary services.

In the year 2005, upon the end of the certifying commission of the Fedaral Tourism Agency’s meeting, "Nadezhda. SPA & Sea Paradise" was the first hotel on the Black Sea coast to enter the 5-star category, based on the uniform national system of classification of hotels and other means of accomodation. Certificate # 00105 of 22.11.2005.

In 2008 a grand event took place, marking the starting of a multifunctional congress-hall for a thousand places, the only one in the South of Russia.

Today "Nadezhda. SPA & Sea Paradise" is a resort centre, stretched majestically on the buried in verdure coast of the Black Sea.

Awards of the complex


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SPA and Treatment Description of SPA programmes and treatment at the Centre of revitalising medicine and rehabilitation Congress Center A set of services for conducting corporate events; infrastructure for guests, coming with a business purpose Paradise An elite resort centre for your leisure and recovery of the whole family