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Russia, Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik,
Kabardinka, St. Mira 3.

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Home Congress Centre Congress Hall

Congress Hall

Congress Hall

In the resort complex «Nadezhda. SPA & Sea Paradise» there operates a Congress Hall «Yugorsky» for a 1000 seats. The multifunctional Congress Hall meets the growing demand for such facilities in the region and in the country as a whole. This trend is due to several factors: the city of Gelendzhik is located close to such major trading hubs as Novorossiysk and Krasnodar; the combination of the picturesque nature of the Black Sea Coast, dynamic development of the infrastructure and high-quality service make the resort attractive for both tourists and businessmen.

Facilities of the new multifunctional Congress Hall:

  • Conference Hall for a 1000 sets with an option of division into:
    • Three autonomous zones: two halls for 306 persons each + one hall for 272 persons or
    • Two autonomous zones for 578 and 306 persons respectively.
  • Cinema & concert hall
  • Exhibition hall
  • Ballroom with an option for banquets and buffets

The capacity of the Congress Hall is 1000 persons. The front part of the Conference Hall accommodates a stage 26 m wide. The wall behind the stage is made entirely of glass and opens a magnificent view of the sea. In case of performances, it is provided for the covering of the stained-glass windows with curtains. There are curtain on the front of the stage as well. On both sides of the stage technical and make-up rooms are projected. At the centre of the stage is a turntable.

An important feature of the hall consists in the option of disassembly of the seats and leveling of the floors so that the hall can be used for exhibitions , meetings and other events.

For this purpose there are special mechanical devices under the floor, with the function of which the floor transforms into a large flat area on the same level with the stage, encompassing it.

Congress Hall

Equipment in the Congress Hall

All the rooms of the transformable Congress Hall include:

  • Video & graphics equipment. Option of display of video and graphical information for monitoring of an image (e.g. for a presidium or into remote areas) - plasma screens, tv-sets, computer screens.
  • Wireless wi-fi network.
  • Sockets for plugging the TV receivers into the hotel’s cable television system. Satellite TV (total of 28 channels - satellite and air broadcast).
  • International, inter-city and local communiation.
  • Racks, furniture and equipment for presentations.

Equipment in the Greater Hall (without division or transformation)

  • Concert lighting, used for entertainment and other events, with an option of composing a system of stage lighting.
  • Professional equipment for clear playback of voice and even spread of the sound throughout the hall. Also installed: conference system (32 mics), radio microphones, microphones supporting the function of synchronized translation (3 languages). In case if You need to play a phonogram of audio- or film tracks in the formats of multichannel sound, we have installed processors for decoding the corresponding signals and acoustic surround speakers.

The Congress Hall stands right on the Coast of the sea and has a total area of 2500 square metres.

Around the building is a road, which also has a passage into the hall for conducting car shows. On the sides of the building are the walkways with stairs to descend to the observation deck, terraces above the sea, the waterfall and the beach.

The project of the Congress Hall provides for its organic integration into the existing infrastructure of the resort complex.

Resort complex «Nadezhda. SPA & Sea Paradise» offers a set of services for the conduction of MICE-events: meetings, incentive-tours, conferences and exhibitions, and has an infrastructure for guests coming to the region with a business purpose.

Having several conference rooms allows to run parallel events and take in an audience of 10 to 1000 people.

The manager for organisation and conduction of events will help You plan and carry out an event on a proper level.

We offer different types of accommodation - from standard rooms to remotely located villas. Accommodation in a 5-star hotel guarantees maximum comfort for tourists, while fresh sea breeze and beautiful nature will make your vacation sterling and high-quality and create a special comforting atmosphere for making serious business-related decisions. There is an option of accommodating participants of the events in the 3-star housing, also located on the territory of the resort complex «Nadezhda. SPA & Sea Paradise».

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