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Weather in the resort
+25° water 16°

Russia, Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik,
Kabardinka, St. Mira 3.

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+7 (86141) 90-500

+7 (495) 935-87-61

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Home Leisure & Entertainment Animation



Our team of professional animators offers You modern, innovative solutions regarding the organisation of events! Every event, under our administration, represents an original and sriking project, where a guest of every age can find something exciting and unusual for him or herself. Our animators organise: active open-air games throughout the whole day, interesting contests, various types of parties, shows and night discos. Body-shaping and aerobics by the pool, fitness, aquaaerobics and many other kinds of sports are presented to your choice. Competitions are held on the following types of sports: mini-football, tennis, basketball, volleyball and many others.

Children are always up to a miracle! They must live in a world of beauty, games, fairy-tales, music, drawings, imagination, art and creativity. An array of gifts, delicious treats, exciting contests and entertainment programmes are provided. Our Leisure Centre specialists will prepare interesting scenarios and interactive games. Animators, illusionists, balloons, contests, master classes and excursions, filming and organization of puppet theater – all this will not let your kids get bored for a second.
Children from 4 to 12 y.o. are taken care of by the team of animators for kids. The list of activities is diverse: active outdoor games (such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, badminton, tennis, ping-pong), various contests and competitions, classes in drawing, sculpture and handcrafts, art workshops.

Our animators design and offer their programmes to your choice, and, of course, take part in the events themselves as stellars. In the evening you can take part in various fun contests, sketches, dance shows, and even musicals!

This will be unforgettable!



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SPA and Treatment Description of SPA programmes and treatment at the Centre of revitalising medicine and rehabilitation Congress Center A set of services for conducting corporate events; infrastructure for guests, coming with a business purpose Paradise An elite resort centre for your leisure and recovery of the whole family