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Weather in the resort
+25° water 16°

Russia, Krasnodar region, Gelendzhik,
Kabardinka, St. Mira 3.

Booking services:

+7 (86141) 90-500

+7 (495) 935-87-61

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Dear Ladies!

SPA-centre «Aphrodite» of the resort complex «Nadezhda» gives You an opportunity to dissolve in a fairy and alluring world of chocolate aromas, oriental spices, exotic oils and wine and feel their healing power. The atmosphere of peace and harmony and magical hands of our specialists and masseurs will carry You away in a truly paradise, where everything is made for You, where You will be helped to relieve stress, improve your mood, settle your mind, restore your body and soul.

We are looking forward to see You in our SPA-centre and make your vacation unforgettable!



The modern pace of life takes exorbitantly high amounts of energy from individuals. Not only the physical fatigue is accumulated, but also the psychological one, and factors that conduce depression. Because of this, SPA-centre, diagnostic and rehabilitation centres are becoming increasingly popular, offering You many ways to restore strength, beauty and health, and your mental equlibrium. Health and well-being are becoming part of the modern image, being an important component of success in both business and your personal life. Healthy appearance nowadays is an indicator of your internal health and harmony.


SPA-centre "Aphrodite" of the resort complex "Nadezhda" is a fairy world of SPA, which will grant You with health, vitality and soul harmony. The variety of programmes, offered by our SPA-centre, promotes regeneration, cleansing of the body, relaxation and stress relief. Our specialists practice the healing power of muds, algae, wine, chocolate, oriental spices and exotic essential oils. The cozy atmosphere of the SPA-centre, flickering of candles and the sounds of wonderful music will carry You away in a truly paradise, where everything is made only for You.

The menu of services of the "Aphrodite" SPA-centre includes all kinds of massage techniques, enabling the adjustment of the functional systems of the body and solving many aesthetic problems. Applied mixes of different massage techniques, provided with an individual approach make it possible to achieve unique results at all levels.

The SPA-centre provides You with:

  • Swimming pool with cascade
  • Sauna
  • Gym
  • Sauna «Neptune» on the beach
  • Cedar mini-sauna
  • Solarium
  • SPA-capsule
  • SPA-couch
  • SPA-bath
  • SPA-procedures
  • Various techniques and types of massage

Beauty Salon:

  • All kinds of hairdressing services
  • All kinds of manicure and pedicure, including SPA-care
  • Cosmetic procedures for face and decollete
  • Procedure with the use of ice, via the «Kriolift» machine
  • Waxing

For the Your convenience, there is another SPA-centre called «Medusa» on the beach, with a similar range of services.


For additional information, please contact us: +7 86141 90 504

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