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Dear guests!
SPA-centre «Aphrodite» welcomes You!
To your attention we present the specially devised complex



The ocean provides with us everything we need for rejuvenation, health and excellent mood. The kelp seaweed, used in the programme, help moisturize, nourish and regenerate sun-sensitive and over-dried skin, and have fantastic lymph drainaging and fat-burning effects. Give your skin a holiday!

  • Salt peeling with massage oil «Kelp»
  • Live «Kelp» algae coating
  • Body massage with the use of «Kelp» oil with the addition of essential «Immunotonus» oils

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 4500 rubles


The programme helps to relieve stress, relax and clean the body of toxins, as well as rejuvenate the body and reduce the amounts and visible signs of cellulite.

  • Honey massage
  • Mini cedar sauna
  • Tea from the herbs, collected by the employees of the SPA-centre in an ecologically-clean ares.

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 1800 rubles.

&The Lotus mystery

The nature and traditions of South-East Asia are rich and diverse and in this programme, they are presented by a unique blend of exotic herbs, plants and flowers. Experience the peace and placidity, and feel yourself a part of this wonderful world, filled with beauty, joy and infinite love.

  • Rejuvenating milk bath with whirlpool
  • Cleansing and exfoliation of the skin with the use of «Fleur de Fleur» scrub
  • Moisturizing and regenerating coating «Fleur de Fleur»
  • Massage with the use of «Summer Mood» oil

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 4500 rubles.

Chocolate Breeze

Amazingly luxury chocolate procedure! Fantastic impressions and unparalleled results! Feel the moistening, tonisizing and skin elasticity effects as well as excellent tightening effect. Discover the chocolate paradise!

  • Hydro-massaging tub with chocolate bath foam «Freshness», palm and cocoa oil.
  • Anti-age exfoliation - whole body peeling with the use of white chocolate and goat milk.
  • Nourishing chocolate oil mask
  • Body moistening with chocolate milk: tightening effect over the entire body surface.

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 2500 rubles.

Etude in wheaten tones

Programme for face and body care, based on GERnetic products, activates metabolism inside the skin cells, improves blood circulation in tissues, supports the reproduction of collagen and regulates inter-cell communication.

  • Relaxing massage with the use of oil, extracted from germinated wheat, as well as vitamins & minerals complex.
  • Complex body care with the use of extracts of lime, lavender, vitamins and minerals (cleansing, toning, nourishment, moistening).
  • Complex face care with the use of highly-active biological cell extracts from wheat (cleansing, toning, nourishment, moistening).

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes. Price: 3500 rubles.

Silver delight

Body care programme, aimed for restoration of the skin’s elasticity. The combination of soy and silk proteins delivers moistening, skin regeneration and prominent rejuvinating effect. The programme is perfect for dry, aging skin. Also, the procedure effectively restores epidermis after adverse climatic impacts.

  • Cleansing body peeling with the use of scrub, containing extracts of soybean and Helichrysum flower.
  • Relaxing massage with the use of cream soup, containg extracts of soybean and cotton.
  • Nourishing, moisturizing coating in salve, containing extracts of soybean and avocado, delivering your skin «velvet» effect.

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 3500 rubles.


This is a unique world of sensual pleasure, which relieves stress and restores energy balance, giving You a sense of peace and placidity. All the wisdom of the East, delivered in the masterpiece of creating the ritual of relaxation. The programme relieves nervous tension and restores circulation of cellular energy.

  • Restoration of energy balance via thalgo massage «Marine modeling».
  • Cleansing with the use of a melting sour-sweet scrub.
  • Milk bath by the candlelights.
  • Massage of energy centers with the use of Qi balsam
  • Massage with the use of «Splendid» massage oil, comprised of relaxing essential oils.
  • Superb body-wrapping procedure.

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 4500 rubles.

Memories of the ocean

Restore your vitality and fill your body with energy. A unique extract of a thousand-years old algae «recharges» the cells’ energy storage and boosts stress resistance of the body, thus suspending the oxidation process. The programme will make You robust and more resistant to the adverse effects of the environment.

  • Cleansing peeling - mousse.
  • Bath «Ocean of Feelings» with petals of algae and sea salt.
  • Moisturizing mask for the areas of back, buttocks and stomach.
  • Massage with the use of mini-bags.
  • Massage with the use of tightening cream with algae.

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 5400 rubles.

The warrior’s way (for men)

This unique programme for men is aimed at boosting the immune system. The programme employs Wasabi extract, which has beneficial effects for the body, tonisizes and refreshes it, and is used as an antimicrobial and antioxidant element.

  • Cleansing body peeling with the use of Wasabi scrub, stimulating local blood circulation.
  • Rejuvenating hydro-massaging milk bath.
  • Antimicrobial & antioxidant Wasabi body-wrap.
  • Relaxing massage with the use of spicy oil.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 4500 rubles.


One of the most popular and amazing Ayurvedic procedures. Shirodhara introduces You into a state, similar to the meditative trance, plunging You into a flow of pleasant feelings, which deeply relax the far corners of your mind and body. «Opening» and softening of face and forehead occur, causing a relaxation of the facial muscles. You will «regain» your face, shift off the mask of negative emotions and stress and feel the release of energy, which has been stagnant inside your body. Shirodhara calms your mind and invigorates your senses, and opens up the channels to your hidden, undiscovered abilities. Delivers You a general feeling of well-being. It is recommended that You try Shirodhara after having done Abhyanga.

Salutary effects:
Peace and placidity; abatement of stress, depression, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia; normalisation of neurohumoral status; improved perception and crystal-clear state of mind; strengthening of hair; relaxation of facial muscles; smoothing out wrinkles; abatement of headaches of any origin; general rejuvenating effect.

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 7200 rubles.


««Abhyanga» literally means «anointing». This is one of the most oftenly used procedures in the practice of Ayurveda treatments. It is a delightful full-body massage with a rather large amount of warm medicinal oil enriched with herbs and essential oils, specially selected to fit your case. Nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and deep tissues of the body, as well as cleans your cells of toxins. Oil misture penetrates deep into the cells, where it dissolves, breaks down and takes the accumulated toxins out into the extracellular space, where they are further taken care of either by natural processes, taking place, or with the help of additional procedures. For instance, in a case of cellulite, Abhyanga helps break down and take the poorly soluble toxins out from the fat cells thus restore smoothness and elasticity of the skin.

Abhyanga has a more profound and copious influence on one’s health than a regular massage, due to the special technique of deep natural harmonization of body, mind and emotions. The technique includes engaging with special «critical» or «key» spots of the body, the so-called «Marmas» - they are places of energy accumulation and are directly related to the various organs and systems of the human body. Due to the sanitive mixes of essential oils and herbs, Abhyanga helps heal psychological «wounds» from the impact of agressive environment or self-destructive internal energy, cures the aura defects after having gone through illness; when dealing with a public way of life and emotional overloads, it fixes the uncontrolled and disordered flow of energy, refines and elevates the sense of love, brings peace and harmony to your heart.

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 4500 rubles.


Head and feet massage with the use of Ayurvedic oil «Brahmi». The procedure helps to relieve stress and fatigue. Conduces a strong and peaceful sleep. Improves blood circulation, nourishes and strengthens hair roots and stimulates their growth.

Duration: 20 minutes. Price: 1150 rubles.

Poverchizhi (massage with the use of herbal bags)

An Ayurvedic ritual, which its roots deep in the past, contains a sequential alternation of energetic beats and soft strokes with herbal bags, also a four-hand massage, stimulating blood circulation, soothing the nervous system and tonisizing the skin. Warm oils and herbs are mixed until they reach a state of scrub. The warmth from the mixture permeates into the body, mitigates head- and muscleaches and reduces body fat, leaving the skin soft and silky.


Duration: 1 hour. Price: 3000 rubles.

Men’s line

This is a complex body-care programme, specially designed for men. The procedures included provide moisturizing and toning of the skin, as well as rejuvenate it and restore its elasticity.

  • Mini-sauna
  • Body cleansing with the scrub, made of Altai deer antler
  • Application of men deodorant mousse on the body
  • Massage with the use of either an oil, based on white chocolate, or a nourishing chocolate oil

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 2500 rubles.

Antistress. White chocolate

This «delicious» pleasure will not only relax the nervous system and relieve stress, but will also have a positive effect on the figure. The skin will look more taut, velvety and soigne. As for the delicate chocolate aroma - this will stay with You for a while.

  • Cleansing exfoliation - «White chocolate and goat milk» whole body peeling
  • Massage with the use of oil, based on white chocolate
  • White chocolate mask «Antistress»
  • Lifting cream «nourishing chocolate»

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 2300 rubles.

Appearance of Aphrodite

This exclusive anti-cellulite procedure employs thermal mud, which has a powerful lipolytic effect. The procedure combines osmotic, draining and anti-cellulite effects on local tissues. Improved microcirculation reduces the prominence of cellulite and models the silhouette.

  • Cleansing of skin with the use of oil & salt scrub
  • Rubbing of the «Draining» concentrate massage
  • Steaming procedure on the «Oasis Kerala» couch with bioactive peloid thermal mud and draining salt
  • Lymphatic drainage massage with the use of intensive concentrated massage cream

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 4500 rubles.

Spicy Miracle

Enter the world of aromatic herbs and rich spices! Fill yourself with the energy of ginger and cardamom! Try the incredible feeling of fullness of life! The sensual aromas of spices activate blood circulation, strengthen the protective functions of the body, remove toxins and excess fluid, warm your heart and soul. The procedure entails a strong anti-cellulite effect.

  • Massage with lymph drainage oil
  • Body cleansing with the use of scrub with ginger and cardamom
  • A relaxing aroma bath «Janice» or «Ocean» (your choice)
  • Herbal body mask with the addition of essences of natural cold-pressed oils
  • Relaxing massage with the use of cream with ginger and cardamom

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 4500 rubles.

Alpine Harmony

This programme is based on ancient recipes of herbal treatment with application of modern techniques. Through the herbal body-wrap skin looks fresh and rejuvenated. We offer You two directions of your choice: weight loss or anti-cellulite (different sets of herbs used). The programme is recommended to both men and women as it has a strong relaxing effect.

  • Body peeling with the use of vegetal-mineral scrub
  • Gentle body massage with the use of weight-loss concentrate
  • Steaming procedure on the «Oasis Kerala» couch with herbal mask for weight-loss.
  • Application of the «Legear» spray, compress or massage with pre-steamed herbal bags over the «Oliodynamics» oil.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 4000 rubles.

Black Lady

This exotic rejuvenating procedure comes from the ancient India. Gentle whole body massage with the use of medicinal powder, made from a variety of herbs, models the body, reduces body fat, stimulates the body’s metabolic processes, improves blood circulation and eases joint-aches. This is a unique ritual of beauty that helps You feel light, refreshed and irresistible. The programme provides gentle and effective skin care by moisturizing and maintaining its beauty. The massage helps regulate microcirculation and improves lymphatic drainange, making the skin look healthy and fresh.

  • Body peeling with the use of vegetal-mineral scrub
  • Steaming procedure on the «Oasis Kerala» couch with herbal mask and herbal cocoa supplement
  • Massage over the melted massage oil with the addition of herbs and cocoa

Duration: 2 hours. Price: 4500 rubles.

Chocolate (anti-cellulite programme)

A programme for true gourmets. We offer your skin to enjoy a great cocktail of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which activate blood circulation, remove excess fluids, model the body contours, as well as tonisize, moisturize and nourish the skin. And You, in the meantime, enjoy the enchanting coffee and chocolate aromas.

  • Cleansing whole-body «Coffee and Chocolate» scrub mask
  • Chocolate mask «Tone» for the improvement of tone and skin’s elasticity.
  • Moisturizing and nourishment of the skin with chocolate milk, which also has a lifting effect

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 2300 rubles.


Complex seven-days body-care programme with the use of micronised seaweed «Talgo», which is rich in minerals, trace elements and proteins. Combined with anti-cellulite massage, these means conduce weight-loss and stimulate blood circulation, improve metabolism, ease joint and muscle aches.

«Talgo-silhouette» gives You an excellent trim figure, healthy and velvety skin and a sense of ease and comfort!

  • Day 1: Peeling with the use of «Descomask» scrub, algae-therapy, herbal tea
  • Day 2: Anti-cellulite massage, cedar barrel, herbal tea
  • Day 3: Tonisizing body-wrap, anti-cellulite massage with the use of «Talgomins» cream, herbal tea
  • Day 4: Anti-cellulite massage with the use of «Talgomins» cream, cedar barrel
  • Day 5: Tonisizing body-wrap, anti-cellulite massage with the use of «Talgomins» cream, herbal tea
  • Day 6: Algae-therapy, herbal tea
  • Day 7: Aroma massage, herbal tea

Duration of the programme: 7 days. Price: 15750 rubles.

Vegetable diet

The programme employs cosmetics, which consists of a mixture of vegetable extracts of celery, cucumber, pumpkin, carrot and tomato. Natural vegetable extracts are an excellent source of vitamins and micro-elements, they nourish and moisturize the skin to its limit. Due to the high concentration of the active ingredient - «Lycopene», a potent anti-oxidant, the process of skin purification improves. Due to the content of fruit acids the process of exfoliation of dead skin cells takes place, the surface skin layer called epidermis revitalises, giving the skin a soft, youthful and healthy appearance.

  • Cleansing of the skin with the use of vegetable scrub
  • &Whole-body vegetable mask
  • Massage with the use of «Summer mood» oil

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 4000 rubles.

Sensual line

Expirience a load of positive emotions and delightful feelings with our complex programme, based on the use of various natural oils and grape products. Since our region is famous for its vineyards and grape products, this procedure is particularly relevant. You can literally plunge yourself into the natural products with your head. Baths with the use of natural dry wine stimulate blood circulation, fat metabolism, vitaminize and increase the skin’s water holding capacity as well as protect it from premature aging. The feelings of freshness and vigor will stay with You for a long time.

  • Hydromassage tub with wine extract
  • Skin moisturizing with scented flower water
  • Cleansing with the use of grape scrub from oil microbeads
  • Mask from grape seeds
  • Massage over the oil from grape seeds
  • A glass of wine

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 4000 rubles.


Anti-cellulite programme, designes to fight cellulite and local fat storages. Application of the plasticizing modeling mask promotes a more effective penetration of the ampule serum. Activates microcirculation, removes excess fats, strengthens the vascular walls.

  • Application of the activating concentrate
  • Application of the serum on problem areas
  • Weight-loss body-wrap (plasticizing mask)
  • Massage over either a cream for skin elasticity or a contouring cream

Duration: 1 hour. Price: 3000 rubles.


Massage is powerful tool, and if it is in hands of a professional, it can have very serious effects. On the level of physiology massage effects all systems of the body, therefore it results in a general improvement of all functions and a relief of some particular ailments. Massage also hepls increase self-confidence, remove emotional blockades and restore the clarity of thought.

СA massage bring relaxation and tonisizes at the same time. It is as if You have taken a break to restore your harmony and well-being and are now ready to return to the earthly world.

The mankind has accumulated a wide collection of massages. In our SPA-centre, for your convenience, we have divided them in the following directions:

  • Psychological relaxation
  • Restoration of your locomotor apparatus
  • Improvement of metabolism

The choice is up to You!


Neuro-sedative massage

It works in two directions: on the one hand it relieves muscle and vascular tension and relaxes the body, on the other - regulates the emotional and energetic personal background, relieves stress and headaches and stimulates the immune system. Special long gentle movements disable the flow of thoughts and make it possible for You to plunge into the serenity.

Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 350 rubles

Aroma massage

This massage employs natural essential oils. Of all the techniques, aromatherapy has the strongest effects on the body. Here, the essential oils fully exert their beneficial functions.

Aromatherapy provides for rapid penetration of essential oils into the lymphatic and nervous systems and activisation of the body’s defense systems. Essential oils have positive effects on the respiratory and nervous systems as well as liver and intestines.

This is a great means to relieve physical and mental fatigue. Aroma massage will help normalize your sleep and maintain the tone and muscle elasticity.

Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 450 rubles

Buckwheat massage

It is an exceptionally comforting SPA procedure with deep warming and relaxing effects. The massage is performed by hot buckwheat bags of various shapes, heated on hot stones. After a soft warming up by the buckwheat bags your entire body immerses into a state of comfort and security. And the unparalleled scent of heated buckwheat has a calming effect and effectively relieves stress. Buckwheat massage perfectly relaxes the whole body, nourishes it with warm and unique aroma, relieves muscle and mental tension, restores the body’s internal energy and peace of mind.

Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 350 rubles

Spanish hiromassage

This is a special massge technique. The ward «Hiro» translates from latin as «Hand». It is based on various method of classical and oriental techniques and icludes elements of chiropractice and kinesiology.

Hiromassage improves muscle tone and relieves muscle fatigue. Helps fight muscle atony, treat degenerative disc disease, arthritis and osteoarthritis, as well as swelling. Hiromassage is used in the body programmes, aimed at fat targeting and fighting obesity and cellulite, it is able to activate the regeneration of cells, improve nourishment and hydration of the skin.

Duration: 30 minutes. Price: 2250 rubles

Stone therapy

Extremely popular SPA procedure nowadays, it is a massage performed by a special by a special technique with the usage of natural stones. The procedure is a relatively new method of recovery in Russia, even though the curative functions of stones ahve been known to mankind as far as 5000 years ago (ancient eastern healers used stones of volcanic origin as remedy for relief of muscle tension as well as for heart diseases).

In stone therapy the temperature, to which the stones are heates, plays an important role. The massage can be performed with the use of hot stones (muscle relaxation, acceleration of metabolism, vasodilation) or cold stones (narrowing of blood vessels and capillaries of the skin, elimination of venous stasis).

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes. Price: 3000 rubles

Locomotor apparatus

Classic massage

Classical massage has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, resulting in a general stimulating and tonic effect on the body. The massage is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent, it helps relieve tension and fatigue, improve over-all well-being and restore working capacity. Classical massage is a great way to promote health, relax the body, raise the general level of functional status and prevent diseases. You are offered a general (whole body) or local (back, arms, legs, abdomen) massage.

Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 350 rubles

Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is one of the most unique healing traditions of the East, has come to us from the depths of the centuries. It is based on Ayurvedic medicine, Buddhist spiritual practice and yoga. A particular feature of this massage is that within its performance not only the local areas are given attention - like in a normal massage, but the entire body, from toes, where a plenty of biologically active spots are located, to the top of the head. Due to the unique technique it is possible to achieve a high therapeutic effect and a state of deep muscular relaxation. Another feature of thai massage - stretching of muscles and joints with gentle rhythmic swaying, twisting and yoga asanas: a kind of passive gymnastics and body stretching. There are numerous legends about what a real thai massage is like. But You no longer have to go to Thailand for this miracle, when You can just come to our SPA-centre «Aphrodite».


Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 350 rubles

Massage for children

Massage is healthy at any age, but it is especially important for kids. Several courses of children’s massage will not only significantly accelerate the physical but also the mental development of the child, as well as contribute to the development of motor skills and their subsequent improvement. When regularly engaging with the child, it is easier to see and eliminate slight diversions in the nervous and muscular systems, the presence of which could lead to more serious problems as the child would grow.

Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 350 rubles



This procedure will rid You of excess body fat and remove the «orange peel» from your body. The problem areas are worked with: buttocks, hips, waist and chest all get tightened up. You are offered a massage which has a rejuvenating and health-improving effect. The appearance and attractiveness get improved! Many deem the anti-cellulite massage a rather painful procedure, due to the strong meachanical impact which may cause a short-term redness or swelling effects, however if these symptoms do occur they dissappear with a few hours, or in the worst case whithin a day. However despite the these shortcomings, anti-cellulite massage is widely used because it allows You to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Normalize your metabolism
  • Move the toxins and wastes out of your body
  • Lose weight
  • Get rid of the cellulite
  • Improve the skin’s elasticity

During the course of an anti-cellulite massage, You can include manual or honey massage, altenating the procedures.

Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 350 rubles

Honey massage (Full body, legs)

Represents a highly effective method of treatment and prevention of mental and physical fatigue, sleeping disorders, psychosomatic diseases, degenerative disc disease, vascular dystonia, internal organs’ disorders, arthritis of large joints. The unique ability of honey to absorb toxins and quickly remove them from the body was well known to the tibetian healers. Pamper your skin with this honey delicacy!

Duration: 10 minutes. Price: 375 rubles

Japanes massage - «Shiatsu» (acupressure)

The Shiatsu system («shi» - fingers, «atsu» - pressing) is a Japanese method of treatment by finger pressing. The main advantage of this system consists in that it helps people who are used to rely much on drugs and injections, to open the truly remarkable vitality of their organism, make it easier for them to deal with daily minor aches and other discomfort as well as teach them how to maintain and preserve health and good mood. Shiatsu brings your body and mind to a harmonious relationship with the motion of the universe as well as organizes the sensitive receptor elements of the body.

Duration: 10 mins. Price: 350 rubles

French massage

This massage, having a deep and powerful effect on the subcutaneous fat, gives a powerful lifting effect (due to the reduction of fat cells). The original technique copes well with local fat storages, making it an alternative to liposuction, due to its strong lifting effect. The massage can be conducted on the entire body, it helps maintain your figure and is indispensable in times of diet and sharp weight reduction, as it increases the lymphatic flow, reduces swelling and promotes the break-down of fats and helps improve skin’s elasticity.

Duration: 10 mins. Price: 350 rubles

Freedom of the body (for men)

The originality of the technique consists in the innovative, unconventional and creative approach, it comprises the best original elements of various massage techniques: classical, segmental, lymph drainage, Thai and others.

The massage encompasses all the major body systems: muscular, cardiovascular, joint and nervous systems equally, providing a general harmonization of the body. Right after the first course, it improves the functional condition of muscles and joints, general well-being and emotional state; the feelings of vigor and increased energy emerge, You feel the need for movement.

Duration: 90 minutes. Price: 3200 rubles

Stay active and cheerful!


For additional information call: +7 86141 90 504


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